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Choosing a lawyer is a serious decision. After all, your future could very well depend on the skill and experience of the attorney who represents you.

So you want seasoned attorney with a proven track record of handling cases just like your own. And what’s more, you want to know what your lawyer is like as a person -- what it’s like to work with him or her.

If you visited the office for a consultation, I’d take the time to answer your questions so you’d get a feel for my personality and work style. But since we’re not face to face right now, I’ll go ahead and answer some common questions for you right here.

People like to know….

What is it like working with you?

People say I’m a tenacious and effective persuader who’s great to work with -- Check out our testimonials.

Do you have experience working with cases like mine?

In short, I have over 30 years of experience in all areas of criminal law. Some of my “strong suits” are:

  • Murder
  • DUI
  • Drugs
  • Shoplifting
  • Larceny
  • Armed Robbery

Approximately how many cases have you handled?

With decades of legal practice under my belt, I’ve handled more cases than I can count. I’ve prosecuted my fair share of death penalty and murder cases.

Some of them have even been covered on network television. A couple of my most notable cases are the State v. Christopher Pittman in 2008 and the State v. Kevin Goodwin in 2009.

Will you return my calls and emails?


People often worry about their lawyers being hard to reach; this is the number one complaint from clients about attorneys in general.

I never want my clients to feel that stress. I know how important it is for you to be up to speed on how your case is proceeding.

What do people say you’re a stickler for?

My colleagues will tell you that I’m a stickler for what is right and doing what is right. I pay attention to detail, and I work hard behind the scenes to do the best I can for my clients.

I care a lot about the outcome of each case. I want my clients to be happy with my work, and I want people to feel good about working with our firm.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

Now that my wife and I are empty nesters, we have a lot more time to just enjoy each other’s company. We were both USC swimmers back in our college days, and we still enjoy swimming.

Once in a while we take a mini-vacation to unwind. And other times, I prefer the watching sports and reading on the couch.

What are your academic and career achievements?

  • 1981: Appointed assistant solicitor
  • 1984: Promoted to the position of career criminal prosecutor
  • 1985: Selected deputy solicitor of Richland County and Kershaw County
  • 1991: Reappointed deputy solicitor of Richland County and Kershaw County
  • 1993: Entered private practice
  • 1994: Elected to the office of Solicitor in the 5th Judicial Circuit
  • 1998, 2002 and 2006: Re-elected Solicitor of 5th Judicial Circuit
  • 2010: Retired as a prosecutor for state of South Carolina
  • 2011: Re-entered the private practice of law by opening The Giese Law Firm, LLC

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Known for being an intense defense attorney, trial lawyer and former prosecutor of the 5th Circuit Court.